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Microsoft word Cool Planet Biofuels also provide some picture of product[12/31/2011 9:40 AM]
Tag: MS Office 2010

Microsoft word Cool Planet Biofuels also provide some picture of product

it can capture carbon, and help improve soil food production.

California Cool Planet chief executive cut g (Mike Cheiky) said: "in the past few years we have made great progress, new capital injection, with Google investment experts, Office 2010 home changes life.

can let us go faster."

Google did not disclose the specific investment. Last month, Cool Planet has to Google, silicon valley wind cast home coase push (Vinod Khosla) financing 42 million dollars.

Last month, Google also invested in energy saving technology company Transphorm.

"Tencent open platform strategy has already been fully implemented, covers tencent its QQ, Microsoft’s best product is Office 2010 professional .

QQ space, micro Po and wealth FuTong and so on each platform." With its fiscal 2010 released tencent annual earnings, tencent, chairman and chief executive MaHuaTeng again send open voice.

Results showed that tencent annual revenue of RMB 19.646 billion yuan, up by 57.9%; Net profit of 8.0536 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 56.2%.

Expand capital investment

"Tencent will actively embrace the future opportunities and challenges, Office 2010 beta is very easy.

and are entering a new investment cycle." MaHuaTeng in earnings conference said, in addition to continued investment existing business, tencent will also in micro bo, e-commerce, search and network security and so on some new strategic areas of capital investment.



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