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Acekard 2i is Available From NDS-Gear[04/17/2013 5:31 PM]
Tag: SuperCard DS TWO
The Acekard 2i is available from NDS-Gear, so get your hands on your
brand new Ak2i now! They are in stock, tested and ready to roll out. The
Acekard2i gives you the opportunity to play not only games, but can be
used for music such as MP3s as well as movies and videos! PDFs and
eBooks can also be read with the help of third party software on the
amazing Ak2i.

The Ak2i was released in 2009. The software for it is updated frequently
and is the first DS / DSi card in the world to have its official
software listed as open source. This is a fantastic achievement by the
Acekard team and should not go unnoticed.


However, the official version of the firmware has a competitor - a group
of Acekard enthusiasts have created a firmware for the Acekard 2i which
is even better than the original! Called AKAIO, this Acekard2i firmware
is above and beyond what the official team have done, and is now the
firmware of choice for almost all Acekard2i owners, including NDS-Gear.


Buying an Acekard 2i on its own will not suffice - it is designed to
work with a Micro-SD memory card, which you can also buy from NDS-Gear
when you buy your Acekard - simply select your desired amount of memory
from the drop-down menu before clicking 'Add to Cart'. It's that simple!

The build quality of the Acekard 2i is excellent, and with the quality
assurance mechanisms in place at NDS-Gear the chance of a faulty card is
virtually zero. Buy with confidence!

Acekard Firmware

The Acekard 2i requires the Acekard firmware in other to operate. The
Acekard software must first be transported to the Micro-SD or Micro-SDHC
card via a computer. This can be done using the drag and drop
functionality. All other files and homebrew games are also transferred
this way. After finishing the transfer, the micro-SD card can be
disconnected from the computer and slotted back into the Acekard 2i.

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including the Wood firmware compatibility. For these reasons, The R4ids
3DS flash cart kit has become quite popular.
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