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MotherOfDragons2016  Send Private Message
Status: Kaytlin Black Reigns/Poison Ivy
Real Name: Meghan Audette
Gender: Female
Birthday: 01/17/1985
Country: USA
State: Rhode Island
Registered: 03/29/2016
Last Visit: 08/16/2017 12:48 AM
Hi My Name Is Meghan Audette I Have two Sisters Alexia And Kimberly Known On here as KimberlyStratus And AlexiaCopeland we are 3 separate girls we have the same ip address cuz my aunt who owns the internet has it locked to one ip addressees for all devices Also i design and i make my own stuff or have stuff requested stuff I don't steal anyones designs Just want to point that out I am also a very sweet person who does have a really mean side but I am also a very good listener if you are my friend if I don't like you I will tell you to fuck off or more or less Ally my sister will tell you where to stick it I also never force anything on anyone my friends online and outside are free to make their own choices Ally is the hardass not me ALSO I AM SICK OF BEING ACCUSED OF STEALING I NEVER STEAL ANYTHING IN MY FUCKING LIFE I MAKE MOSTLY ALL MY OWN SHIT WITH MICROSOFT OFFICE OR AIMOO TABLES BRANDY AKA BLAZE INFERNO IS NOT ONLY ONE WHO CAN MAKE LAYOUTS THE WAY SHE DOES AND I DON'T STEAL NOT NOW NOT EVER
Rob Zombie Christina Aguliera Britney Spears My Darkest Days Hinder 1000 Years Katy Perry Ashley Simpson Jessica Simpson Rock Of Ages Soundtrack lady Gaga Hinder WWE Music Old Rock And Punk Rock
Game Of Thrones
Once Upon A time
Total Divas
The Following
Fear Factor
Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Once Upon A Time In Wonderland :(
Queer As Folk
American Horror Story
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